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In a world full of ambitious entrepreneurs, it's easy to overlook some of the incredible talent that's out there. One such hidden gem is Aditi Gupta, a young and determined businesswoman who is making waves in her field. Despite facing numerous challenges, Aditi has managed to create a remarkable venture that is both unique and impactful. As we dive deeper into her journey, you'll be surprised to learn how she has overcome adversity and turned her passion into a thriving business.

Aditi Gupta's venture is not only a testament to her hard work and dedication but also a shining example of what can be achieved with a strong vision and relentless determination. With her innovative approach, she has carved a niche for herself in the competitive entrepreneurial landscape, addressing a problem that many might have overlooked. Stay tuned as we explore the details of her venture and how it has made a difference in the lives of countless people.

But before we delve into Aditi Gupta's groundbreaking business, let's take a moment to appreciate the person behind the entrepreneur. Join us as we uncover the roots, the challenges, and the triumphs that have shaped her into the successful businesswoman she is today.


Aditi Gupta: A Journey Through Her Early Life


Born and raised in Garhwa, Jharkhand, India, Aditi Gupta experienced menstruation-related taboos and lack of awareness firsthand. Growing up in a society with deeply rooted traditions, her early life was marked by the challenges and misconceptions surrounding menstruation. Her high school years were no exception, as she, like many young girls, struggled to find accurate information and support.

Aditi's family played a pivotal role in her personal and professional development. Her parents, despite the cultural norms, encouraged her to pursue her dreams and provided her with the necessary support to overcome the obstacles she faced. Their influence and guidance have been instrumental in shaping Aditi into the strong, determined woman she is today.

During her formative years, Aditi engaged in various activities and experiences that would later contribute to her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make a difference. Some of the key moments include:

  • Studying engineering and later pursuing post-graduation in New Media Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  • Conducting extensive research on menstruation in India as a Ford Foundation research Scholar.
  • Experiencing the lack of awareness about menstruation firsthand, which further motivated her to address this issue.


Now that we have glimpsed Aditi Gupta's early life, let's delve into the incredible journey she embarked upon – from an idea to a breakthrough that would change the lives of countless young girls and women.


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The Birth of Menstrupedia: Aditi Gupta's Entrepreneurial Journey


Inspired by her own experiences and the need for accurate information on menstruation, Aditi Gupta, along with her husband Tuhin Paul, embarked on their first entrepreneurial venture – Menstrupedia. This innovative project aimed to break the silence around menstruation and empower young girls and women with knowledge.

Menstrupedia provides a comprehensive platform to educate pre-teens and teenagers about menstruation, puberty, and sexuality. The core of their approach lies in the Menstrupedia Comic, an engaging and easy-to-understand resource co-created by Aditi and Tuhin. The comic addresses various aspects of menstruation, including hygiene, myths, and cultural practices. What made Menstrupedia unique at the time of its creation was its accessible and relatable format, which allowed young girls to learn about menstruation without feeling overwhelmed or stigmatized.

Aditi's moment of inspiration struck when she realized the enormous gap in awareness and education about menstruation in India. As someone who had firsthand experience with the taboos and misconceptions surrounding the topic, she knew that change was necessary. She envisioned a future where young girls could access accurate information and feel confident about their bodies.

Menstrupedia addresses a significant problem in India and many other parts of the world: lack of accurate information and education on menstruation. To emphasize the gravity of the issue, consider the following statistics:

  • 23% of Indian girls drop out of school once they start menstruating.
  • 70% of Indian mothers consider menstruation "dirty," perpetuating stigma and misinformation.
  • Only 48% of adolescent girls in India are aware of menstruation before their first period.


Aditi began working on Menstrupedia in 2012, and it took around one year to create a working prototype of the Menstrupedia Comic. Since then, the platform has grown tremendously, impacting the lives of countless young girls and women.

As we continue to explore Aditi Gupta's entrepreneurial journey, let's take a closer look at the roadmap and milestones that have shaped Menstrupedia's success.


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Menstrupedia's Roadmap and Milestones: A Journey to Success


Aditi Gupta's venture, Menstrupedia, followed a series of stages and milestones on its path to success. In this section, we will provide an overview of these stages and delve into the key goals and achievements that propelled the project forward.

Year/Month Stage Number Key Goals Key Developments/Achievements
2012 1 Concept development Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul conceive the idea of Menstrupedia; they begin researching and prototyping the Menstrupedia Comic.
2013 2 Product launch Menstrupedia Comic is launched, and Menstrupedia.com is established as a platform for education and discussion about menstruation.
2014 3 Expansion and recognition Menstrupedia Comic is incorporated into the curriculum of over 10,000 schools across India, and Aditi Gupta is named in Forbes India's 30 Under 30 list.
2016 4 Awards and collaborations Menstrupedia wins the Laadli Media and Advertising Award for gender sensitivity and collaborates with Whisper India on campaigns featuring prominent actresses.
2022 5 Shark Tank India Aditi and Tuhin appear on Shark Tank India, securing funding of 50 Lacs for 20% equity from Namita Thapar.

While the table above outlines Menstrupedia's journey, it's crucial to remember that countless obstacles were faced and overcome at every stage of development.

Some of the challenges Aditi and Tuhin encountered during Menstrupedia's growth include:

  1. Taboo and criticism: Menstrupedia's focus on a taboo subject initially faced criticism and resistance. Aditi and Tuhin persisted in their mission, educating people and breaking down barriers.
  2. Language barriers: To make their content accessible to a diverse audience, Aditi and Tuhin ensured that Menstrupedia was available in 14 languages, including regional Indian languages and international languages.
  3. Financial constraints: Like many startups, Menstrupedia faced financial challenges in its early stages. Aditi and Tuhin sought grants, partnerships, and eventually, investment from Shark Tank India to fund their growth.
  4. Partnership building: To maximize their impact, Menstrupedia needed to collaborate with schools, NGOs, and organizations. Aditi and Tuhin tirelessly built relationships and networks to expand the reach of their educational resources.

Despite these obstacles, Aditi and Tuhin continued to push forward, demonstrating resilience and determination. Their unwavering commitment to breaking taboos and educating young girls and women about menstruation has allowed Menstrupedia to flourish and make a significant impact on countless lives.


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Connecting with Aditi Gupta and Menstrupedia


In summary, Aditi Gupta has revolutionized menstrual education in India and beyond with Menstrupedia. As a social entrepreneur, she has used her platform to spread awareness about menstruation, puberty, and sexuality for pre-teens and teenagers, breaking taboos and reaching thousands of schools and educators.

If you are interested in exploring the products and services offered by Menstrupedia, visit their website at https://www.menstrupedia.com/. The platform offers information in 14 languages, making it accessible to a wide audience. Be sure to join the Menstrupedia community, connect with like-minded individuals, and learn more about their initiatives.

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